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The Scenario in Print Magazine

In Europe, mergers and acquisitions are taking place at a rapid pace, and growth is the goal of the European pharmaceutical industry. With patent expirations and cost pressures, big pharma is looking to European markets to outsource a variety of services ranging from drug discovery to manufacturing.

The Voice

Pharma Focus Europe is a trusted source for information about the latest trends in global pharmaceuticals. The publication offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to bring your products and services to the attention of key budget holders from around the world.

The Opportunity

Pharma Focus Europe is a valuable resource for pharmaceutical companies wanting to reach the European and Other Global regions. It contains articles and insights contributed by leading industry experts.

Pharma Focus readers value the publication because they recognize its independence and high-quality content. They appreciate that it's a compelling prospect for advertisers.

The target audience

Our readers represent the most important organizations in the global pharmaceutical market, and they should be your target audience because your competitors are already trying to reach them.

Pharma Focus Europe offers tailored advertising solutions that target your market, placing high-quality ads alongside useful content.

Pharma Focus Europe is a one-stop shop for the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. Our marketing professionals will help you target potential clients with highly targeted advertising that is targeted directly at decision makers.

Here are five reasons to advertise with us:


You can search through our database of companies and find those that are important to you.


Readers are carefully chosen by top executives who have an eye for a good read. You'll find them among the company's leading decision makers and specifiers—the people who matter most to your company.

Valuable Content:

The leading experts in their fields share insights and incisive analysis of industry dynamics and emerging trends in technologies, including drug discovery, manufacturing, etc.

Online Presence:

Print ads can be used as an online vehicle to generate more traffic to your website.

In sum,

Targeted marketing and a focus on value-for-money.

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