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Magazine for pharmaceutical industry executives

A Semiannual publication from Ochre Digi Media Pvt Ltd. Key executives from the top pharmaceutical businesses in the world use it as their primary source of information in both print and digital formats. Pharma Focus Europe examines significant concerns and advancements influencing the pharma industry's future in Europe and the rest of the world.

Pharma Focus Europe provides its readers with...

dedicated, trustworthy, and accurate coverage of the industry's progress and incisive analysis to help them make informed decisions to stay ahead of the competition.

The publication provides cutting-edge and futuristic content about the pharmaceutical sector. The issues are broadly divided into several categories:

The entirety of the information from the Pharma Focus Europe magazine is available at the one-stop pharmaceutical website Also, discover the most recent press releases, industry reports, interviews, breakthroughs, and pharmaceutical events every day.

The magazine is supplemented, with the help of the monthly e-Newsletter Verticaltalk Pharma.

The audience for -

Top C-stage executives, senior industry executives, and important decision-makers from the pharmaceutical business who are in charge of spending make up the magazine's readership. Pharma Focus Europe reaches out to the major industry leaders in Europe,America and the Asia with a special focus on Europe.

About Ochre Digi Media Pvt Ltd.

Ochre Digi Media Pvt Ltd. is a B2B media solutions company that serves the information needs of important decision-makers across several industries. Print, web, and custom media solutions are all included in the media solutions, and each one is tailored to client's specific needs.

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